When planning to rent a house, a person is faced with the need not only to choose the most suitable options, but also to examine the apartments offered. But what should you pay special attention not to get into trouble? Experienced experts shared important recommendations and gave tips on how to rent an apartment that will satisfy your requirements as much as possible.

Key selection criteria
Inspection of the apartment when renting includes 4 important stages:

Assessment of the general condition of the apartment building.
Appearance and repair of the apartment.
Analysis of the surrounding area.
Inspection of important but subtle details.
Quite often, tenants have to deal with a situation where the apartment you planned to rent does not meet the information provided in the ads. Qualified specialists of our company personally check the proposed property and adhere to such principles of work as honesty and transparency.

Assessment of the condition of an apartment building
When renting an elite apartment, the general condition of the residential complex is of no small importance. Pay attention to the following building features:

cleanliness and order on the landing;
the presence of unpleasant odors in the corridor;
the appearance of neighboring doors;
elevator and staircase condition;
the presence of lighting on each floor of the entrance.
All these factors have an important effect not only on the value of the property, but also on the comfort of living.

Repair and appearance of the apartment
When inspecting a premium apartment, pay attention to the quality of flooring and materials used in the decoration. All window and balcony frames must be functional and operational. Of no less importance is the density of their closure, which avoids drafts and ensures the maximum level of soundproofness.

Pay attention to the panoramic windows and the view from them. The most attractive are apartments with a view of the city center, the river, as well as other natural or architectural objects. Make sure that in the dark, the light of neon signs and lights will not enter your window.

Location Features
If you know the area where you plan to rent apartments, it is worthwhile to once again analyze its advantages and disadvantages. For owners of a personal car, an important condition for a comfortable stay is the presence of nearby guarded parking or a convenient parking place. Also pay attention to the proximity of shops and public transport. It will not be amiss to ask about the presence of street lighting, playgrounds and asphalt coverage of pedestrian zones.

Part Evaluation
Inspection of a business class apartment does not have to be superficial, so try to pay attention to important trifles. After all, after checking in, you are likely to come across unaccounted for nuances, so you should minimize their number. But how to properly evaluate the apartment upon inspection? When choosing an apartment, consider the following features.

Windows open in all rooms or the persistent smell of a freshener is an attempt to hide an unpleasant smell in the room.
Listen to the sound in the rooms, if you hear a conversation or TV neighbors, the walls have a low rate of sound insulation.
Traces of chalk in the corner, near the baseboard or in the back of the cabinet indicate the presence of cockroaches or other pests in the apartment.
In corner apartments, especially close attention should be paid to ceilings and wall joints. Traces of mold, dark spots or smudges can be seen on them.
The best way to protect against fraud and misunderstanding is to draw up a lease with a reliable real estate agency. This document indicates all the important nuances of the transaction, for example, the lease term, the availability of household appliances, the condition of the furniture, the payment procedure, etc.

How to choose a reliable intermediary for finding real estate?
In the modern real estate market, many specialists and companies offer their services. Therefore, it is rather difficult for tenants to decide through which agency to rent a business-class apartment. Experienced professionals recommend that you consider the following recommendations regarding the choice of an assistant in finding the right property for you.

Examine information about the agency’s activities: experience, range of services, principles of work.
Follow the recommendations of friends.
Trust your inner feelings.
Choose a trustworthy agent.